May. 12th, 2014

Spotlight: Tom Cripps Wins CFO of the Year

Tom Cripps wins CFO of the Year

Congratulations to our CFO, Tom Cripps, who was recently selected by the MiBiz publication as the West Michigan CFO of the Year in the small business category.

Tom serves as CFO for Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors (with locations in Greenville and Grand Rapids) and three affiliate organizations: SourcIT, Hungerford Valuation and Hungerford Financial. Tom wears many hats and is actively involved with Hungerford Nichols and our 3 affiliate organizations, serving strategic planning, administration, financial oversight, human resources and operational leadership roles. Tom manages the Firm’s internal accounting functions and administrative duties as well as a variety of business and individual client accounts.

Tom works closely with our leadership team and contracted a research group to implement a “lean and green” initiative. Goals included reducing our environmental footprint and improving our reputation as a leading environmental and socially-oriented organization. Tom oversees the “Lean” initiative and he established and leads the “Green” office team.

Tom is the first contact all new employees have with the firm and he strives to make all new employees comfortable and happy and transition smoothly within the organization. Tom oversees the Administration department and holds weekly meetings to seek input on improving processes, collections and morale. Tom is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and he seeks input regularly from those around him.

Not a day goes by that you don’t see Tom with some tool aiming to hang a picture, fix a chair, change light bulbs, or shoveling the walkway.  He is very “hands-on” and helpful and all the while, cheerful and modest.  Tom never makes success about HIM, it’s always about the TEAM, OUR improvement, OUR accomplishment, OUR award. Tom is a very hard working, humble, no nonsense type of leader.  His impact on the firm and its affiliates has been tremendous.  There are a lot of good things going on here at the firm and many of them Tom is behind the scenes pushing things forward.  We owe him a lot.

View the event video HERE.