Feb. 20th, 2018

Remodel Complete!

We are excited to share that we have completed the remodel of our Grand Rapids office.  It was time for our firm to have an office that reflects our culture and our personality.  We had outgrown our space and we felt that in order to attract top talent and to provide the best possible service to our clients, our work space needed a refresh!













We are committed to stimulating the local economy so we used local vendors when possible.  A special thanks to GMB Architecture + Engineering for the design, Erhardt Construction, Custer for furniture and Universal Sign systems for lobby signage.  The process took just a little under nine months to complete.  We’re still putting some finishing touches on our space, but we’re very pleased with how it turned out!


It’s important to our firm to lessen our footprint.  Here’s some ways we tried to minimize our impact on the environment throughout the remodel:

  1. We partnered with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity to donate equipment, furniture, cubicles, fixtures, furniture, artwork, supplies, etc. so that they will be reused and stay out of the landfill.
  2. During the moves, we have encouraged our employees to become even more paperless.
  3. We added additional stations for composting, recycling and paper gators.
  4. We added energy efficient lighting from which we received rebates from Consumers Energy and should see significant future savings
  5. We updated our HVAC control system to digital which should be more energy efficient. We received refunds from this and should allow for a more comfortable environment for our occupants.
  6. We added automatic light sensors for energy savings.


Being a diverse and inclusive firm is important to us. We upgraded the building to be ADA compliant with upgraded entries and ramps, a lift elevator, automatic doors and improved bathrooms.  We also created additional conference/work spaces for improved collaboration and client meetings.   Adjustable desks were provided for the health, satisfaction and productivity for all employees.

You’re welcome to take a tour at any time, just stop by!  Please feel free to park in the main parking lot and enter through the front lobby via the steps or new ramp.