Mar. 24th, 2020

Resources for Employers and Employees Affected by COVID-19

Work Share Program through Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency

To be used when employee hours need to be cut back between 15% – 45% (maximum 2 ½ days per week):

  • Work Share helps employers maintain staffing levels during downturns without laying off workers.
  • Eligible employees work reduced hours and receive a supplemental unemployment insurance benefit.
  • Unemployment benefits are based on a percentage of reduced hours of work and pay
  • By Executive Order, the Governor made the Work Share program universally available to employers regardless of reserve balance.
  • If you plan to trim hours and are considering making use of Work Share, please contact the UIA at (855) 484-2636.

Below is a link for more information on the Work Share Program, provided by the Unemployment Insurance Agency.

 Unemployment Benefits Information

Information provided by the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency:

  • Specify a temporary leave with return to work expected that is within 120 days, rather than termination
  • Do not create a contractual obligation to bring the employee back to work. Let the employee know that the situation is fluid and subject to change.
  • Provide the employee with Form 1711 Unemployment Compensation Notice. Employers will need to provide their Employer Account Number and Federal Identification Number. Below is a link for the form. Please contact us for assistance in filling out the form.
  • Employers should also provide employees with the fact sheet, published by the UIA in March 2020. This has instructions on how to file, information needed, how to receive benefits, etc.
  • Under the governor’s order, an employer or employing unit must not be charged for unemployment benefits if their employees become unemployed because of an executive order requiring them to close or limit operations. This matter is subject to change, pending additional clarification on the most recent executive order on March 23rd, 2020.

Below is a link for employer related FAQs on this matter, published by Jodi Schafer, SPHR, SHRM-SCP of HRM Services

Below is a link for employee related FAQs, published by the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Below is information on the Act provided by Miller Johnson on March 23, 2020:

Webinar Recording Link

Webinar PPT Slides

Additional resources from Miller Johnson.