Mar. 27th, 2020

Work From Home Tips from our Hungerford Team

Greeting from our Hungerford Family! Many of us a working remotely during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order issued by Governor Whitmer. We do have a few essential team members answering phones, tending to mail, and processing tax returns.

Check out our new and very different “work from home” spaces. Here are some tips from our team on how to make working from home – work for you!

1. Create a designated workspace in your home that is comfortable. Consider adding some background music if it is not distracting. Move your workspace outside when nice out.

2. Get your technology set up – bring home your chargers, cables, mouse, keyboard and consider multiple screens. Make sure you can login to your work network and access your emails. Ensure adequate bandwidth and set ground rules with your kids if they are using too much!

3. Keep a similar schedule to what you would have in the office. Start work at the same time as you normally would and end at a similar time, if possible.

4. Stay connected – check in with your team through virtual web chats like Webex or Zoom.

5. Take breaks – get some fresh air and go for a walk with your family members and pets, drink your coffee on the porch, or stand up and stretch.

6. To keep “coworkers” from distracting you – keep fur babies comfortable so they are not in front of your screens. Create a loose schedule for the kids so they have their own work to do.

7. Cut yourself some slack and do your best!