Aug. 30th, 2021

Meet Shareholder Steve Triezenberg

How many tax seasons have you worked? 

I have worked 16 busy seasons; three with HN.

What industries do you specifically work with and what are your areas of specialty? 

My main practice area is employee benefit plan audits across all industries.  I am also involved with financial statement audits of for-profit entities, with experience in  Services, Transportation, and Financial Services.


Where did you go to college?

Calvin University – Bachelor’s in 2002
Grand Valley State University – Master’s in Business Administration in 2007

Did you have other career aspirations other than what you’re doing now? 

Yes, when I was younger, I considered being a social worker or clinical psychologist, but I ultimately chose business as my calling.

When did you know you wanted to be an auditor and a business advisor? 

Probably my second or third year working at a larger firm – when I understood the need for audits and how my skill-set would be a good fit.  I spent some time outside the CPA profession, but ultimately decided auditing and advising is the best fit for my personality and career goals.

What was your first day at Hungerford like?

Very good as the team was very welcoming.  However, I used the wrong door at our office and missed the balloons and welcome sign at the front door.

How has your career evolved since your first day? 

A greater portion of my time is now spent helping our audit team manage projects and teaching them.  My first several years in the industry consisted primarily of learning the details of the audit, the industry, and the software tools.







What were some of the toughest aspects of your job or career? 

Learning difficult technical topics and making mistakes is difficult, though this is how we learn hard things.  As my career has progressed, it has also been challenging to manage being a successful professional and a good husband and father – it requires consistent effort and choices.

What are some achievements of which you are most proud? 

I’m proud of completing the Master’s program and attaining my CPA.  I am also very proud of my children and how they are turning into delightful young women.






Which organizations do you serve in a volunteer capacity? 

As a Christian in business, I deeply believe in stewardship of the resources we have been given.  My family supports Calvin Church in Eastown, and their clothing ministry of Family Assistance, which provides clothing to children in urban Grand Rapids. We also support Grand Rapids Christian Schools and Family Promise of Grand Rapids.

What made you want to be a Shareholder? 

I am drawn to the opportunity to build a business that helps businesses and families, and the ability to do this with people that are fun, intelligent, and ambitious.

What do you see for the future of your industry/the firm? 

Continued specialization within industries and practice areas, more staff desiring flexible work arrangements including remote work settings, and higher competition to recruit good staff.

Who are some people that influenced you and your career? 

So many to name!  First and foremost, my wife Yvonne who is my rock and partner throughout all of life. Dave Lawrence, Chris Camp, Bill Knibloe and Chris Orvis at Crowe, Jeff Teusink and Chris Ashford at Same Day Delivery, and my team at Hungerford.  Others include my dad Glenn Triezenberg, my friends Bryan and Julie Linn and Mike and Amanda Worst, and mentors such as Dan Bode, Dan Hubka, and many others at Calvin Church.

What does the DEI initiative mean to you and what is the importance to the firm/field/community? 

Every organization becomes more valuable when differences are appreciated and supported.  That includes all areas of diversity, and not merely cultural.  When we understand different backgrounds, behaviors, and beliefs we become better equipped to serve others with kindness, energy, and understanding.

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Learn as much as possible, as nearly all of it will help in the future.  Make new friends and keep all the old ones.  Pursue truth above everything else, and allow yourself to be wrong about things that are untrue.






Any inspirational quotes you would like included?  

“A mark of lifelong learners is recognizing they can learn something from everyone they meet.” ~Adam Grant

“The way to thrive is to help other thrive; the way to flourish is to help others flourish.” ~Neal Plantinga

“Work hard, play hard, and live close to the Lord.” ~Simon Triezenberg (1915-1997)