Accounting & Auditing

At Hungerford Nichols, we’re more than just auditors. We’re business advisors too. As auditors, we strive to be accurate. As business advisors, we strive to be practical. The audit teams at Hungerford Nichols use experience and industry knowledge to balance these objectives, providing you with financial statement audits and financial services which are essential to better manage the uncertainties and risks that face your business.

Hungerford Nichols has the expertise to execute an efficient and timely audit of financial statements and provide other accounting services. Not only are we technical but we’re personal as well. We communicate the results to help clients improve their operations, profitability and risk management in a way they can easily understand. We will analyze your specific industry and the needs of your organization to provide meaningful audit and accounting services.

Hungerford Nichols’ accounting and audit services include:

  • Financial statement audit, review and compilation
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Peer Review Services
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Single Audits under Uniform Guidance
  • Operational monitoring and reporting
  • Program Specific Single Audits of COVID-19 funding:
    -Coronavirus Relief Funds
    -Provider Relief Funds
  • Business and Finance Office Consulting:
    -Federal Grants Management
    -Internal Control Evaluations
    -Governmental Accounting
    -Best Practices

We have extensive experience providing accounting and auditing services to:

Peer Review
Every three years, a peer review is performed on CPA firms who provide accounting, auditing and attestation services. The purpose of a peer review is to verify and report on the system of quality control for the accounting and auditing practice of such CPA firms. We are pleased to have received a “pass” report, the highest level of report, on our most recent peer review.

To view our most recent peer review report, click here.