Fraud & Litigation Services

Fraud: Is your organization at risk?

At Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors, we use anti-fraud tools to help your organization stop fraudsters in their tracks.  You work hard to keep your business moving and we work hard to keep your assets safe.

Our Fraud & Litigation team has a wealth of experience and varying backgrounds to expertly advise in anti-fraud measures for:

  • Embezzlement
  • Skimming – payroll, register, credit card, ATM
  • Partner dissolutions
  • Lost profit claims
  • Inventory
  • Financial statement

With our experience and knowledge on your side, we are standing ready to help pick up the pieces when a fraud occurs to:

  • Jump start recovery of misappropriated assets
  • Stop the fraudulent outflow of information and money
  • Investigate who within the organization may be involved
  • Obtain verbal or written confessions from the fraudsters
  • Assist with the judicial process, testifying as an expert witness in court

We are standing by ready to help protect your organization from fraud.

Download our Flyer: Fraud and Litigation 2021

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Meet Our Team:

Kristen Spence, CFE, MSA – Fraud & Litigation Team Manager
Jenn Rogell, CPA, CFE, MBA – Manager
Emily Paszkowski, CPA, CFE – Manager
Katy Felver, MSMSL – Business Advisor
Kerry Bean, CPA, ABV – Managing Director of Hungerford Valuation

Contact our Fraud & Litigation team:

Kristen Spence, CFE, MSA — Fraud & Litigation Team Manager
Phone: 616-949-3200

Emily Paszkowski, CPA, CFE — Manager
Phone: 616-949-3200

 Hungerford Valuation

Our Internal Partners at Hungerford Valuation add an extra level of expertise in the area of Litigation Support. Hungerford Valuation provides services in the areas of:

  • Economic damage calculations and consulting
  • Business Valuations
  • Divorce
  • Expert witness testimony

Contact our Hungerford Valuation team:

Kerry Bean, CPA/ABV — Managing Director
Phone: (616) 726–6045