Litigation Support

You handle the case – We’ll handle the numbers.

You may have a great case, but do the numbers support your case? At Hungerford Nichols we can play a critical role in support of a wide variety of litigation cases.

Litigation Support Experience
The Hungerford Nichols team has extensive and varied experience in providing litigation support services in a diverse range of industries and businesses. Our proven track record in analyzing and interpreting the numbers will give you the utmost peace of mind. Our services include:

  • Business valuations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Divorce
  • Specialty audits
  • Economic damage calculations and consulting

Depth of Expertise
We’re best at finding information that might elude a less experienced team. That’s because our team members are CPAs with extensive consulting experience and credentials in a number of specialty areas like tax, audit and small business support. How does this combination of expertise assist attorneys? With a broad knowledge base and skill set, our teams can quickly gather critical information and put the pieces of the financial puzzle together.

Expert Witness Credentials
At Hungerford Nichols, we will do more than simply provide the necessary figures. Our professionals are experienced in providing credible, concise and easily understood expert witness testimony during depositions and at trial. As expert witnesses, we excel at articulating highly technical information as simple, understandable facts. In or out of court, our experts provide the support attorneys need.

Research and Data Management
Hungerford Nichols Accounting Solutions team offers a cost-effective option for the painstaking process of sifting through and analyzing financial data. Whether it’s boxes and boxes of unopened mail, IRS notices,  cancelled checks, or a magnitude of electronic files, our team will sort through the sea of data and help make sense of it.

We can assist with the assimilation and analysis of data, whether electronic or paper files, to fully support your case. Our Tax Department provides both federal and state tax research, tax return preparation, and assistance with problem resolution and negotiations with multiple taxing authorities.

For more information on our Litigation Support Services, please contact Kerry Bean, CPA/ABV, Managing Director of Hungerford Valuation at 616-726-6045, or Emily Paszkowski, CPA, CFE, Manager of Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors at 616-949-3200.