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Service Dog

Meet Blarney!  Q&A from her owner, Megan Howe.

How did she get her name?

Each liter at Paws with a Cause is given a letter of the alphabet. She was in the “B” liter and her raisers had a list of “B” names they could choose from. So they named her “Blarney” like the Irish Stone. She is called by her owner a “good luck charm.”

How old is she?

She’s almost 10 years young, born December 2009!

How was she raised?

After spending 8 weeks with her momma, she was raised by a veterinarian in Florida who taught her initial training commands like sit, stay, come, etc. They took her on many adventures, including visiting the Key West and Boston! When she was 14 months old, she went on to what we call “Puppy College” at Paws Headquarters. For two months, she passed three phases of training and then paired with Megan as a hearing dog, where she completed more specialized training. On May 23rd, 2011, she was united with her owner and then certified 6 months later.

What is her job?

As a hearing dog, she listens for sound for her owner. At Hungerford Nichols, she alerts her owner to the phone, people calling her owner’s name, and any unusual sounds that her owner may need to be aware of. At home, she alerts for the alarm clock, kitchen timer, toaster, doorbell or knocking, smoke alarm, intruder alert, and most importantly, the coffee maker!

What does she do for fun?

Even though she may appear “sad”  to people when she’s working, don’t let her fool you! She loves working hard for a treat, waiting for that next sound to come from somewhere. But when she’s off duty (this means her vest isn’t on), she enjoys running in the yard, playing with her bones, digging through snow, swimming in the lake, eating lots of ice cubes, running to grandma’s garden for a green bean treat, and playing with her best dog friend, Dlass.

What to do if you see her?

When she has her vest on, it means that she is hard at work, just like the accountants at Hungerford Nichols! Therefore, please refrain from petting or talking to her as it becomes a distraction, preventing her from meeting her owner’s needs.

Fun Fact?

If you see a service dog from Paws with a Cause, a maroon vest represents a dog who breeds puppies. If you see a blue vest, this means the dog is certified and has successfully completed training. If you see a green vest, it’s a service dog hard at work, training to enter the major leagues.