Samantha Willemstein

Samantha Willemstein

Project Coordinator


QBO Proadvisor

What is your area of specialty – how do you best help your clients?

Although I don’t have specific clients, I get to talk with them during their onboarding process and help with the things they don’t see. My days consist of making sure our Accounting Solutions Team have what they need to best serve their clients. Whether that be access to a QuickBooks account, or a training scheduled that can help the whole group. I work with new employee onboarding and an abundance of event planning for the Firm. I like to help where needed, so some days have a little bit of everything!

What are your top 5 strengths? What is your favorite strength?

*Communication *Woo *Relator *Harmony *Consistence

My favorite is woo because I really enjoy talking to people and getting to know co-workers and clients. I enjoy social gatherings where everyone can connect. I think it adds so much to the workplace.

How do you like to give back to the community?

I serve as a member of the Greenville Rotary Club and Greenville Business Network. I enjoy finding different ways we can give back get involved in Greenville and surrounding areas. One project I head is the Adopt a Family at Christmas. It’s so fulfilling knowing we’re able to help families have a great Christmas. We also volunteer at “Meet up and Eat up” in the summer and the “Greenville Expo” as the food donor sponsor. I think it’s so important to be involved and get to know people in the community – we’re all a team!

What are your superpowers – something you’re good at that others should know about?

I’m good at managing several tasks – and I give all the credit to being needed at work and at home. I’m always up for a good time and love to bring the fun!

Accomplishment you’re proud of?

My kiddos. I love watching them learn and so proud of who they’re becoming.

Tell us about your life outside of work (family/pets/sports/activities/interests/hobbies)

Life is pretty chaotic outside of work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband and I have been married for 5 years. I have 3 bonus kids and we have 2 together, which makes for a fun family dynamic! We love spending time outside, at the beach, cheering on the kids at their sporting events, and vacationing. My husband travels for work so we’re always looking for the next adventure to go on with him!

What is your favorite part of working at the firm?

There is SO much to love about the Firm. #1 is definitely the work life balance it offers with having young kids. A close second is all the fun events we have. Overall, everyone here is absolutely wonderful and I love that “work family” feeling.

Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor