Stephanie Joi Price

Stephanie Joi Price

Senior Accountant


I received a Bachelor of Science from Northern Michigan University. I have been a member of the Michigan School Business Officials for 5 years. I am certified by the organization in their Chief Financial Officer program. A three-year course study specific to the financial management of public schools.

What is your area of specialty – how do you best help your clients?

I specialize in Governmental accounting. I love sharing my knowledge of financial regulations and procedures with the governmental units. My goal is to help streamline financial operations and provide valuable insights on how to allocate resources effectively and maintain compliance with government standards.

How do you like to give back to the community?

I volunteer at the Kropscott Farm Environmental Center, helping teach conservation to the Youth of Newaygo County. I also help our local food bank by growing and donating fresh produce through their “Plant a Row for Hunger” campaign.

What are your superpowers – something you’re good at that others should know about?

My superpower is Enterprising. I love to challenge myself with new and difficult things; I am an independent, energetic spirited person who is always ready to act when it is necessary.

Accomplishment you’re proud of?

My children. I love watching them grow-up and getting to being a part of their lives. Graduating college and getting the job of my dreams!

Coaching our local high school swim teams. I love the transformation that I see in every season, when a group of individuals learns to come together and work as a team.

Completing 50k ultra marathons- When I train and run these distances, I get to experience what my human body is capable of, and it’s a wonderful experience. I could summarize it as feeling the most human I can be, when all of me, not just the brain, is living to the fullest. Every long run is like a mini lifetime. And spending these hours in beautiful surroundings, meeting interesting people, and always experiencing something unexpected.

Tell us about your life outside of work (family/pets/sports/activities/interests/hobbies)

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our three children, family, and friends. I love watercolor painting, backpacking, traveling, and reading, especially when it is with my book club. I also love running, and swimming!